Who We Serve

Serving business owners of professional service firms with 0-10 employees or independent contractors.

Business owners come to us when they want to...

  • Get or keep their business finances in order

  • Get an accurate picture of your current financial situation

  • Identify current and future goals

  • Develop a strategy and create a written plan to accomplish your goals

  • Assist with implementation of the written plan

  • Organize financial records

  • Have a better understanding of their business finances

    • Understand what the numbers on your financial reports actually mean

    • Monitor profitability and growth

    • Identify their most profitable products/services and eliminate less profitable ones

    • Track the return on investments for marketing campaigns or other expenditures

  • Make planned decisions for spending their money

  • Implement systems to improve profitability

  • Develop more efficient workflow processes

  • Develop a proactive plan to pay less taxes

  • Develop a savings strategy for future tax payments

  • File annual tax returns

  • Explore benefit options for themselves, as a self-employed person, or for their business.

  • Position themselves financially to live a more purposeful life

  • Align their finances with their life's goals