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We support entrepreneurs who believed in themselves enough to give up the "security" of having a job with benefits and started their own businesses.

By now you probably have realized that most of what you learned over the years regarding finances was not true. Go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a good job. It frustrates me every time I hear someone say this. "Getting a good job" leaves your future in the hands of your employer. Now, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with a job, however I am saying this is not the #1 way to build wealth.

With a job your employer tells you how much you are worth to them. They control when you get pay raises, if at all. Not only does your employer maintain a certain level of control over your earning abilities, the government taxes wages at a higher rate than any other source of income. We are excited that you have decided to use your knowledge, skills, talents, and strengths to build your own business.


We understand that when you worked as an employee your employer took care of tax withholdings, insurance, retirement contributions and other benefits. As a small business owner, you are now responsible for handling all of these things on your own as well as managing the day to day financial activity of the business.

We are here to help growing, purpose-driven business owners manage the financial responsibilities of being an entrepreneur and employer. We provide proactive accounting, tax, and benefits planning for professional service businesses with 0-10 employees or independent contractors. It is our goal to help you use your business to achieve your personal life’s goals.