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It's about more than just creating a business, it's about creating a lifestyle.

To us it's about way more than just operating a business. It's about creating a lifestyle that allows you to achieve your goals and live your life to it's fullest potential.  So, although we may be financial consultants and accountants, and you may be on this site because you are interested in some type of accounting, financial planning or tax services, we are here to help you, the entrepreneur, achieve your goals.  We care about your why, the life that you are working towards building for yourself.  It is our hope that through entrepreneurship you can create the wealth that is needed to live the life of your dreams and to make a positive impact in the lives of other people.

If you are looking for a traditional financial service firm this is not it.  Indeed, we will provide those services to you, but not without asking questions and understanding who you are and where it is that you are headed.  After we have gained that understanding we will then work with you to determine and implement a plan for financial and life success.

We wish you much success in this journey called life.

Bookkeeping Workflow

Do you feel like you need a better way to organize the financial activities of your business?  How do you track your income and expenses? What is your procedure for invoicing clients?  How do you keep up with outstanding balances?  Do you write checks for your business, use a bill payment system, or have everything on auto pay?  Do you have a system in place for expense reimbursements?

We can help you choose the right systems to maintain your financial transaction data, develop a set of processes to ensure that everything is being accounted for, and ensure that every team member knows what systems they should be using and how to use them.

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Cash Flow Planning

Need to project your future income and expense for your business?  Planning can help you make more accurate financial decisions for your business.  It can help you determine how much additional revenue you need to bring in order to reach a certain level of profit or cover a certain amount of upcoming expenses.  It will also help you, as the owner, determine whether or not you can pay yourself and how much you can afford to pay yourself.

Financial Analysis

Of course you are in business to make a profit.  Do you know which services bring you in the most income?  How are you spending your money?  Are there some expenses that you can reduce?  What percent of your income are you retaining as profit for your business?  Has your income increased or decreased over the past 6 months?  These are some of the questions that analyzing your finances can help you answer.

Tax Planning

Do you talk to your tax preparer once a year or throughout the year?  Do you take a bunch of after the fact information to your tax preparer to prepare your taxes or do you talk you to him/her before you make a decision to see what the possible tax consequences will be?

Proactive planning will allow you learn about the tax code and use it to your advantage so that your tax bill will be lower than expected.  Did you know that the type of retirement plans, health care expenses, and business entity that you are operating will all impact the amount of taxes you are required to pay?

Working with a tax advisor throughout the year can help you implement strategies before Uncle Sam requests your money.

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Tax Preparation

Yes, there is software that allows you to prepare your own tax return, but how familiar are you with the tax code?  Are you aware of what credits and deductions are available to you?  When you review your tax return, can you determine if there are any errors or if something is missing?  A tax professional will be able to keep up with the tax law changes and how they impact your business.  He/She will also have the expertise to review your tax documents and determine if all of the numbers appear accurately and have flowed through to your actual tax forms.

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Planning Tools

CHECK OUT OUR LIST OF TOOLS THAT CAN ASSIST YOU IN MANAGING YOUR BUSINESS'S FINANCES. Technology makes planning easier than ever, but there is nothing wrong with taking out the good old paper and pencil either. Choose the financial tools that will work best for you.

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