Day-to-Day Financial Management

Goal Setting


What goals do you hope to accomplish by owning your own business? Evaluate where you are and where you are going. Determine the best routes to take, and map out the specific steps to get there.

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Every business needs to keep accurate financial records. Accurate record-keeping will help the owner keep a pulse on the financial performance of the business. Regularly published financial reports will help you determine if your business is profitable and help you make informed decisions. They will also allow you to be prepared for tax season and, with proper planning, eliminate any tax surprises.

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Budgeting / Cash Flow Planning

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You not have an unlimited supply of money. Intentionally planning on how you spend your money can help you ensure that you continue to operate a profitable business. Here at Mural Financial Services we help our clients implement the YNAB (You Need A Budget) Method.

Need to project your future income and expense for your business? Planning can help you make more accurate financial decisions for your business. It can help you determine how much additional revenue you need to bring in order to reach a certain level of profit or cover a certain amount of upcoming expenses. Learn More…

Understanding Your Business Finances

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Of course you are in business to make a profit. Do you know which services bring you in the most income? How are you spending your money? Are there some expenses that you can reduce? What percent of your income are you retaining as profit for your business? Has your income increased or decreased over the past 6 months? These are some of the questions that analyzing your finances can help you answer.

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