Learn how to boost your score and kill your debt.  Your credit score affects your ability to get some of the things you need and want.  The higher your credit score, the cheaper it is to borrow money.  Save yourself thousands of dollars by improving your credit score.

Your credit score is based upon several factors.

  • Payment history (35%) - Whether or not you pay your bills on time
  • How much debt you owe (30%) - For loans: original loan balance vs remaining balance For revolving credit: total balance owed vs total credit limit
  • Length of credit history (15%) - You want to have open accounts that are 2 years or older 
  • Types of credit (10%) - Some types of credit are a mortgage loan, car loan, major credit cards, department store card, student loan
  • New credit (10%) - New inquiries and length of time since last inquiry

How we can help...

  • Learn about credit
  • Recommend an action plan to improve credit score
  • Monitory credit score
  • Monitor credit report
  • Dispute negative and incorrect items on your credit report
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Next Steps...

  • Schedule your initial consultation call to determine if our services is a good fit for your needs.  If so, 
  • Visit and download your free credit report
  • Provide this report and any additional requested information to your financial consultant
  • Schedule a call to discuss your goals and information provided
  • We will develop recommendations based upon information provided by you and schedule virtual meeting to discuss recommendations and provide a written plan
  • You will also have the option to work with us on an ongoing basis as you work towards achieving your financial goals