Consultants / Coaches 

Greetings coaches and consultants!

Mural Financial Services specializes in helping consultants and coaches manage the financial responsibilities of operating their firms. By outsourcing these responsibilities to our firm you will have more time available to spend operating your business, serving your clients, or even with family and friends.

From our experience, coaches and consultants have found it helpful to have assistance developing processes for client billing, managing client billable expenses, separating client related expenses from firm expenses, and measuring project profitability.

How we can help

  • Account reconciliations

  • Bill payment

  • Payroll

  • Project billing

  • Tracking retainer balances

  • Managing billable client hours and expenses

  • Financial statements

  • Budgeting /cash flow planning

  • Financial benchmarks

  • Bookkeeping workflow / best practices

  • Workflow automation / software integrations

  • Tax planning

  • Tax preparation

  • Benefits planning

Financial Management Tools

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