Why Choosing Xero Just Makes Sense

As an accountant I've worked with several accounting programs.  I have to say that Xero has me sold.  It is easy to learn and accessible from almost anywhere.  You can collaborate with advisors to provide real time financial reports whenever you need them.  The low cost monthly subscription fee makes it affordable for small business owners and independent contractors.  

Here are 5 reasons why choosing Xero just makes sense.

1.  Cloud based.

You can access Xero from anywhere that you have an internet connection.  There is also an app that can be downloaded to your smart device so that you can upload receipts and reconcile outstanding transactions.  Send receipts directly to your Xero inbox using your unique email address that will be assigned to you upon subscribing.  Need a paper trail, but hate holding on to all of those annoying paper receipts.  Upload a copy of your receipts and attach it to the corresponding transaction.

2.  Real-time financial reporting.

You can connect your bank feed to Xero so that all transactions will be imported automatically as they post to your bank account.  This will allow you the opportunity to reconcile your acount and view your financial progress as often as you would like.   Not sure if you're profitable this week? Why wait until the end of them month once your bookkeeper has a chance to publish your financial reports?  After all, you are in business to make money.  If you notice that you are not meeting your sales goals you can take immediate action to make changes and achieve your goal. 

3.  Easy to use. 

Xero TV has been extremely useful to me.  There are several how-to videos to get you started, as well as to continue to increase your knowledge about using Xero.  In addition, there is the Help Center which offers how-to and best practices guides and a community to ask questions.  If you are an accountant or bookkeeper you can get "Xero Certified" and become a Xero partner.  Xero will allow you to access all of your clients from one dashboard.  Interested in networking and the latest and greatest with Xero?  Attend the annual Xerocon conference.  If you are a small business owner who will be doing the accounting yourself, you may also want to become "Xero Certified" so that you have a better understanding of the use and capabilities of the software.

4.  Integrates with over 500 time-saving apps.

Xero integrates with over 500 apps to help you save time with data entry, billing, collections, payroll, as well as customer relationship management. Have recurring bills or invoices? Use the recurring option in Xero. Want to bill your customers electronically? Email your client an invoice. Be sure to integrate your payment processor with Xero so that your client can make a payment directly from the emailed invoice you sent. Xero integrates with merchant processors such as Square, Stripe, Bill.com, and PayPal.

5.  Work with your team of advisors.

Xero allows you to invite users to your account at no additional cost.  This may be your bookkeeper, tax preparer, financial advisor, or whoever you determine needs access.  As your advisor has questions or needs reports, they will be able to log-in and run the necessary reports.  Don't worry, you can control the amount of access each person has.  There is a view only mode, limited access options, as well as full access.  Makes tax time even simpler because your tax preparer has all of the data right at their fingertips.

If your looking to have your financial reports right at your fingertips, Xero accounting software will do just that. Take advantage of the ability to integrate with other software programs you use to streamline your workflow process.  Rather you do your own bookkeeping or outsource it, Xero is the way to go.  It's easy to learn, easy to access, and easy to track your financial progress.  Give Xero a try today at Xero.com.